Our name says it all — we’re nuts-and-bolts engineers, scientists and consultants who team together to create integrated, multidiscipline solutions.

We're specialists, not generalists. We combine our core competencies with a culture of multidiscipline teamwork to bring a diversity of knowledge and experience to your project. Here’s how we stack up:

  • Largest Power Delivery detail designer in the U.S.
  • Top 5 in Power (Generation + Power Delivery)
  • #1 in Cogeneration
  • Top 3 engineering services provider for the Food & Beverage market
  • Top 200 Environmental firm

Local Everywhere

Our design teams are not centrally located. Instead, we’ve established a large footprint of offices across North America. That gets us closer to you and gives us access to the best local talent. Add the ability to operate seamlessly inside the office and out, and we are ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Recognized Experts

Our people are recognized by their contributions to the industries we serve and the engineering and science societies in which we belong. We even host our own technical conferences to share our knowledge with clients and peers. Equally important, we know what it takes to keep our people happy, which means you can count on the same trusted experts again and again.

Experience Easy

We provide a high degree of autonomy to our people, so you can get answers quickly. And we go to great lengths to break down projects and communicate detailed scope, schedule and budget. What happens when changes arise? We’re flexible to new conditions and will readily adapt if your project requires it.