How It Works/FAQ (For Students)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my resume public? Who has access to my resume?

A: Your resume is not public. Only (CEI) and the companies you have applied to have access to your resume. More information on how we use and share your information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


Q: If I apply to an internship then change my online resume, will the application resume change? 

A: Yes, if you change the resume you created on CEI, then your application resume will also change. If you would like to submit different resumes for different applications, you can create a new resume for each application. 


Q: How can I sign up for job alerts? 

A: Navigate to "Find Internships", then input a keyword or location for the kind of job you're looking for and select "Find Jobs." Then select "Email me jobs like this". Enter your email and select how often you'd like to be emailed. Click "Create alert" and now you've signed up for job alerts! 

Example: If I wanted alerts for civil engineering internships in Irvine, I would input "civil engineering" under keyword and "Irvine" under locations. Select "Find Jobs", then I would input my email under "Email me jobs like this" and then select "Create alert". 


Q: What happens after I apply to an internship?

A: If you applied to an internship through our job board, the company is notified through email that you applied. They will contact you if they wish to continue the hiring process with you. 


Q: What are the benefits of the post-graduation job opportunities with Project Partners when I sign up for this job board?