Your Impact

When you buy an internship posting, you are contributing to the success of civil engineering students on two levels. First, you provide an opportunity for real-world working skills to university students studying civil engineering. Second, excess funds from the postings will be used to directly support students competing in the concrete canoe, steel bridge, earthquake shake table, and other annual competitions.

Take a look below at recent examples of student organizations who have been positively impacted by your contributions.


2019 | UCI America Society of Civil Engineers - Survey Team

In the 2019 surveying competition, the first round required teams to take accurate measurements of designated three point area with a surveying station, the second round had teams take a 100+ foot measurement with a measuring tape only 100 feet long, and finally a race against time to see who could set up a surveying station the fastest. With only a half functioning surveying station, UCI scored 1st place against 17 other schools. We plan to maintain this title by beginning practice earlier in the year, and to explore past competitions to get an idea of what other challenges may come. Read more about it here.


2019 | UCSD Society of Structural and Civil Engineers - Concrete Canoe

The UC San Diego team placed a historic 2nd out of 18 teams at the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC), the regional conference hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The team owes their success to the dedication of its team members and the critical improvements in their canoe construction process. The team aims to continue the upward trend from their performance in past years.  Further optimization of the canoe’s hull shape and the introduction of unique aggregates into the concrete mix design will allow the UCSD team to strive for first place in the 2019-2020 Concrete Canoe Competition. Click/tap here for more information.