How It Works/FAQ (For Employers)


CEI’s goal is to help build the next generation of civil engineers. We do this by encouraging civil engineering internships and supporting student competitions (such as concrete canoe, steel bridge, earthquake shake table, and many more) so all students can have the opportunity to gain team building and leadership skills vital to a successful career.

However, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, student engineering competitions have been temporally halted as a prudent safety precaution. So for the time being, CEI will not charge for posting internship ads via its website. Instead, CEI will be solely focused on increasing the number of internships available to civil engineering students.


How Employers Help Students

Employers will help grow the next generation of civil engineers in multiple ways. First, by offering internships, they help students gain real-world working skills that supplement their engineering academic training. Second, after the pandemic is over, CEI will be charging a small fee for the purchase of job listings. These fees will support student opportunities to learn key non-academic skills such as leadership and team-building while instilling a passion for our civil engineering profession.


How Your Impact Can Be Seen

Our Impact page shows how your job posting funds are supporting civil engineering competitions. As a part of the requirement of receiving funds, student clubs are required to provide a picture and short write up of their competition. 


How Funds Will Be Allocated

CEI is partnering with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to review student applications and distribute funds.

The CEI Selection Committee will be led by ASCE to assess all applications in the fall of each year. The Selection Committee is made up of representatives from ASCE and other professional engineering associations or private firms who have donated over $1,000 that year to students through ASCE's Los Angeles Section.

The deadline for students to submit their applications for funding every year is September 30. After the Selection Committee makes its final decisions by October 20, ASCE will award the funds to the selected university teams on November 1.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using CEI?

A: CEI gives you an easy way to find interns from southern California universities. Consider these benefits:

  • You can create a company profile with your logo, company information, website, images, videos, and active internship postings.
  • Your Employer Dashboard allows you to manage posted internships, view applications from students, view site analytics, and manage profile settings.
  • For each internship posting, you can choose to receive applications by email or opt to redirect applicants to a certain URL to complete the application process. 
  • If your internship posting is linked to an outside application link, then you're able to see how many times students click on your application link. 
  • You can easily organize and sort your applications by "New", "Interview", "Made Offer", and "Disqualified". 
  • You can create notes on each candidate's online application and contact each candidate by email through our website. 


Q: What is a featured posting or a featured company? What are the benefits of being a featured company or having a featured ad?

A: A featured posting will be highlighted on the website and pinned to the top of the internship listings where students will see the posting immediately. If a keyword is searched and matched with your position, your featured posting has priority at the top of the search.


Q: Can I link my own application onto the internship posting?

A: Yes! When you create your own internship posting, you have an option of changing how students apply under “How to Apply”. They can either apply through the job board and you will be emailed, or you can input a URL to your application and students will apply directly through there.


Q: Why is my internship posting not on the job board?

A: If you created an internship posting and it is not on the job board, it is not activated. Sign in, go to your dashboard, and select "Job Postings". Hover over your posting and select "Activate" on the right side. If you haven't already, choose a product and pay for it. The job posting will be on the job board once you've paid.