Seth Watkins

  • Civil Engineering Intern
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Oct 19, 2021
Full Time Paid Intern Civil Engineering (general) Construction Engineering Structural Engineering

Personal Summary

My name is Seth Watkins, I'm a junior at UCLA studying Civil Engineering. 

I would like to be considered for an internship for the summer of 2022. I am  eager to apply what I have learned so far at UCLA while gaining hands on experience in structural/civil engineering, construction management, and related fields.

While my actual engineering experience is limited, my relevant skills are not. I have three skills in particular that will make me a valuable contributor to your company on Day One.


  1. Analytical/Critical Thinking- Ask any of my former supervisors and they will tell you that I was frequently asked to work on my own to solve problems I had not encountered before. I am comfortable figuring out how to deal with issues and finding ways to improve outdated systems and work patterns.
  2. Computational Prowess- I have a keen attention to detail and enjoy solving problems and ensuring the computations have been done correctly.
  3. Unmatched Work Ethic- I am not comfortable waiting for orders or work to become available. I seek out tasks that need to be done and apply my full effort to complete them.


There is more to tell, of course. When we meet, feel free to ask about the years I spent in South America speaking Spanish (and a bit of Portuguese and Guarani) with strangers I would approach on the street. Or how, as a teenager, I raised over $10000 in order to renovate a bald eagle’s habitat at the Santa Ana Zoo as a part of my Eagle Scout project. All of these tales will illustrate to you the industry and zeal I bring to any project.


Finally, I’ll make a personal commitment: I will work so hard and so well that when my internship with you is up, you’ll be sorry to see me go.


I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your consideration.

Work Experience

Jun 2020 - Sep 2021 Silver City Mountain Resort

I worked over the past two summers for a resort in Sequoia National Park. I worked wherever they needed me, including doing maintenance on the cabins, groundskeeping, housekeeping, waiting tables, and helping prepare food in the restaurant. I was trusted to perform these tasks interchangeably, and to be flexible enough to move between them seamlessly.


Civil Engineering
Sep 2019 - Jun 2023 UCLA