WESA was established as a joint powers authority between EVMWD and Meeks & Daley.  As a joint powers authority, WESA provides professional water and wastewater staffing services to both agencies.  WESA is committed to managing our natural resources to provide reliable, cost efficient and high quality water and wastewater services for the communities we serve, while promoting conservation, environmental responsibility, education, community interaction, ethical behavior, and recognizing employees as highly valuable assets.

Our mission: WESA is a dynamic and professional organization providing high quality water and wastewater services through proactive and creative strategies as a trusted and recognized industry and community leader.

Our Values

Professionalism – Demonstrating competency while maintaining a professional demeanor and upholding a reputation for expertise, efficiently, and high quality through delivery of information, services, and products.

Enthusiasm – Possessing a strong drive for learning, innovation, forward thinking, and the overall desire to do your job well.

Transparency – Demonstrating high moral standards in principles, intentions, and actions; conduct that encourages loyalty, integrity, and trust.

Inclusiveness – Promoting respect and teamwork through communication and appreciation for all.

Stewardship – Taking ownership and responsibility for assigned responsibilities, while demonstrating a proactive, positive willingness to serve.